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The RG PLAYER Jigs are designed to be fished in both open water and all bass fishing areas. They can be fished through the weeds, brushes, blow-downs, and grass, without the worry of chipping because they’re painted with STARDUST unchipable paints. We use a free-swinging hook design which is attached down to the rear of the head using a split ring. This allows the angler to quickly change the hook for all types of presentations, but also gives the silicon lures that we can attach, better and more realistic movement. The RG PLAYER Jig is available complete with High Quality VMC Black Nickel Hppks and during testing, the most productive trailers was double tail MAXIMUS WORM and Flat tail lure. The RG PLAYER Jig is built using the finest components available on the market today. Each one is meticulously hand-crafted and painted using high-quality STARDUST PAINT. Available in a range of nature-inspired colors that match the predominant prey fish on your home-fishing waters, RG PLAYER Jig lures come in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce weights.

RG Player Jig Bass Lure

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