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RG Swim Jigs are versatile fishing lures for freshwater and saltwater game fish. They're incredibly effective on a number of species, including largemouth, smallmouth, striped bass, redfish, speckled trout, flounder, and snook. Any jig could theoretically be used with a swimming retrieve. Still, the RG Swim Jig is specially painted and designed with a pointed head to come through grass and cover while being retrieved, enduring every hard contact and the stony surface of the bottom because of STARDUST PAINT. While most jigs are CHIPPING when making contact with the bottom, the RG Swim Jig is the best in durability and motion in the middle of the water column and rocky bottoms. The RG Swim Jig is effective in shallow water less than ten feet deep and anywhere there is grass or wooden cover in the water. Since swim jigs are normally fished in shallow water, they are often much lighter than other popular jig types. Our Swim jigs sizes are 3/8 and 1/2oz as they are the most popular sizes.

RG Swim Jig Bass Lure

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