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Welcome to Fish Daddy Outdoors.   We are proud to be able to offer anglers a unique edge when fishing  LED and Glow Lights.  With products ranging from Bottom Bouncers for Trolling, to our proprietary Jig Flare that can be utilized in open water or while ice fishing, Fish Daddy offers equipment for a variety of fishing scenarios.  

We are located in Excelsior,  Minnesota on the shores of Lake Minnetonka.


FishDaddy: The interaction of one angler to another. Sometimes this could be a father passing his knowledge down to his children. Other times, it means when an experienced angler takes the time to help educate a beginner angler. That's what FishDaddy Outdoors is all about; taking the knowledge from a community of anglers and help educating each other to better their experience on the water.​


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