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Did you know that many anglers will remove a perch’s eye and use it as bait? This generations-old pastime has come to a screeching halt due to some local and state regulations. FishDaddy wanted to fill that need by creating a realistic fisheye that can be added to a jig, spoon, or any hook. Since the angler doesn’t know which direction the fish will come from, FishDaddy has a 3D Eye on each side! The body is made from Biosilicone, and it comes in 6 glow colors to meet all of the anglers' needs.


Infused in each lure is TERABITE. It releases a plume of yummy smells and flavors into the water, making your bait irresistible.


Sight: Reflective UV Additives | Bright Glow

Smell: Amino Acids | Omega 3 Fatty Acids | Pheromones

Taste: Flavored like natural baitfish

Shelf Stable: We use earth’s natural preservatives to keep it fresh

Eco Friendly: All of the ingredients are 100% natural and biodegradable


Benifits of BioSilicone: softer lure body that creates more action in the water, yet tougher that standard plastisol. BioSilicone base product is odorless. This maximizes the benefit of TERABITE.


FishDaddy recommends that you keep each color lure in its original bag. This keeps our natural dyes from bleeding with together with other colors.


Tight lines!

FishDaddy BioSilicone Double Eye Glow

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